at the yellow house, I write about cooking and food, culture, gardening, travel, and a smattering of things that strike me as beautiful or unusual.


the writer

I’m Sarah. In my “day job” I work in international public health.

Despite the name of this site, I no longer live in a yellow house in DC, but instead in rural Virginia. I still commute into the District more days than not. (The premise of the blog remains the same, though, except now I can see the stars better.)  


how I feel about blogging

“When people ask me what kind of nonfiction I write, I say, ‘all kinds’, but really I mean I don’t write any kind at all: I’m trying to dissolve the borders between memoir and journalism and criticism by weaving them together. […] …I’m fascinated by the ways personal experience connects to larger histories, and because I want my writing to matter to the people who read it—people who are, by definition, not me. Which raises one of the crucial questions of autobiographical writing: How can the confession of personal experience create something that resonates beyond itself?”
Leslie Jamison

“All writers are vain, selfish, and lazy, and at the very bottom of their motives there lies a mystery.”
George Orwell

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