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Collards on toast at tend

My friend Meghan tells me I’m unfit for survival, because I love all things bitter and astringent (her rationale being that through history, a bitter taste has signalled poison, and that we have evolved to dislike that taste accordingly as a survival mechanism). Black coffee, tannic wine, vinegars, and chocolate with a high cacao to sugar ratio—these are among my pantry staples.Bitter greens are no exception. Luckily for me, kale, chard, lettuces, and other bitter greens are something I can grow myself in my small city backyard. My garden is putting out some wonderful ruffly-edged collards right now (yes, they survived the slug-pocalypse). The fantastically talented artist/blogger/letterpress-er/gardener Heather Smith Jones, one of the ladies behind the collaborative blog tend, recently asked me to contribute a guest post. With these collards coming in, I thought I’d chat a bit about the realities and rewards of growing things in a tiny city garden. You’ll find the recipe, along with more photos and thoughts, over there. (And so much thanks to Heather and all the ladies of tend–I’m honored they thought to include me in their week of guest posters.)

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  • My big beautiful kale leaves and zucchini were doing so well until just the other night when the dear decided to help themselves to an all out organic salad bar! Lesson learned: build a bigger/stronger fence. And bitter greens with egg on toast is always a favorite!

  • JGM

    I was really excited when someone gave me swiss chard and kale seeds. I’ve since come to believe that they were frustrated by their own inability to make them grow (and not get eaten by hordes of leaf-eating bandits) and decided to pass the frustration on to me. Nicaragua and leafy greens just don’t seem to get along…

    • Jacqui: Yeah, deer fences can be pretty crucial in these days of deer overpopulation. So heartbreaking because they seem to enjoy the most tender/prettiest/most verdant flowers and veggies. Such is gardening, though. I know you don’t eat meat, but….venison? Maybe appealing, now? :)

      Jonathan: We’ll eat leafy greens when you get back. For now, eat your frijoles….Steph and Car were cooking some when I saw them at the beach this weekend, pining away for a taste of Nica!

  • I too really enjoy the bitter flavors of greens, coffee and vinegar. This recipe sounds delicious.

  • Oh, I’m so thrilled I’ve found your blog tonight. I’m exactly the same with bitter things- it extends from radicchio all the way to straight Campari on ice. I think it’s supposed to make us the opposite of supertasters- those with taste buds in tight clusters, who like sweet bland foods.

  • I was taken by your blog post on tend. It really spoke to me and inspired me. I have a very, very small balcony garden space right now and yearn for a yard where I can grow tons of food. But your post was lovely and reminded me how special and humble my little piece of urban garden space is. I am a new reader to your own blog and I am excited to read more!

    • Thanks, Summer. I feel kind of honored that those of you who follow all the ladies at tend would take the time to read a bit more over here.

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