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Housekeeping + a quick thought

I received a nice email today asking if I could kindly set up email subscription to The Yellow House. The answer is obviously of course. I’m flattered that someone asked. Luckily, it turned out to be very easy to do, and there was no wailing or gnashing of teeth involved, for which I’m grateful (you may laugh, but many of my journeys into the seamy underbelly of this website end up in gnashing of teeth. Until Chuck comes home and magically fixes everything in literally five seconds and three keystrokes; it’s astonishing).Getting that email made me think about a few things, though. First, thank you for reading. I started posting here pretty strictly for myself, but it turns out there are a solid few of you who actually like what I create in this little space. That means a lot. Secondly, keep those emails coming. I love that someone saw something she wanted, reached out to me, and let me know. Hopefully, some of you will benefit from that. Imagine what would happen if I could get feedback from more people! The possibilities are endless. Also, I just really liked it. So email me. Mostly, though, you can now see all the options to follow The Yellow House by clicking on the “Follow” page in the sidebar. Okay, that’s all.

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