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What’s new, Buenos Aires?

Aside from a little tension stemming from the fact that I know all the songs from a certain Andrew Lloyd Webber show that takes place in Buenos Aires and like to sing them, well, every waking moment we’re here, Buenos Aires is wonderful. It is summer here. Long walks, sundresses, strappy sandals, and al fresco dining are a fun and easy way to forget the fact that back in the cold North, there is a half-moved-in, cluttered up, drafty old house that we just up and left. I feel like the luckiest girl for this brief respite. (If you don’t understand the allusion in the title of this post, you should watch this and enjoy 1) how catchy the song is and 2) how Madonna didn’t butcher the role of Eva Perón as we all feared but instead was AWESOME.) Being here has been a much-needed source of inspiration in a lot of ways. Probably most obviously, I’ve got some ideas for Yellow House riffs on porteño food. Look out for something sweet and something savory when I return.

I owe Nicole a big thank you for the extensive BA travel guide she produced for me upon demand, complete with food destinations, local slang, and best places to people-watch. Thanks a bunch, Miss Nicole.

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