Saturday, 21 January 2012 | 11 comments

Winter walk

We had the first snow since I’ve been in the house last night. It wasn’t much, in terms of snow: just a half inch or so with a nice, crunchy frozen rain layer over the top. Still, it was enough for the car to not make it out of the slick driveway (an adventure I don’t really care to think about now), so there was nothing to do but stoke up the wood stove and simmer a giant pot of venison stew.I’m always inspired by Shari’s documentation of her walks, and I think I was channelling her a bit here. Makes me want to bring the camera along when I go walking around the house more often.Everyone loved the vibrant colors of the Buenos Aires pictures, but the brown-amber-grey-eggshell palette feels much more like home.

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