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Grand Canyon

I went on vacation. For an eternity, really: two whole weeks and three whole weekends. I highly recommend dropping off the face of the earth for awhile if you get the chance. (Inevitably, you will think the chance does not exist. But it does.) My sister and I flew to Phoenix for some sunshine, a family wedding, and hiking the Grand Canyon. Dropping some photos here, mostly for myself. I am obsessed with this desert palette now: jade, pink, sand, sienna, deeper browns, warm greys and violets. Baja, Mexico road trip photos + copious notes on fish tacos to follow soon. Until then, I’m beginning this dubious business of getting back to the real world.

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  • Paige

    but that IS the real world :)

  • Paige

    P.S. love the pics! so beautiful.

  • I adore dropping off the face of the earth and it’s definitely easier when travelling. At home I now only use blogging and email online. I don’t use any other social media platform – it’s quieter and more clear. These pictures are beautiful – and hiking around there must be incredible. We took a flight from Vegas that landed in the Canyon for a picnic. I’m so glad we went down into it because it was only then that I started to get a feel for its enormity.

  • Everything looks so amazing. Missed your posts. Can’t wait to go someday myself.

  • meliSsa

    Yes! LOVE the southwest, especially in the spring. Just the right amount of redeeming sunshine and color inspiration after a northeast winter. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing about Baja ~ and those fish tacos.

  • Oh, nothing self-indulgent about those pictures – I think we’re all loving them. You really captured those colors you describe.

    And yes, isn’t a longer vacation totally different from a short one? Here in Germany, where many people still have the luxury of 25 or 30 vacation days a year (not counting sick leave), people patiently explain to me, the American steeped in workaholic ways, that you need THREE weeks for a truly restorative vacation:
    Week 1 you’re still processing all the worries and stress from your job & daily life
    Week 2 you start forgetting that and really relaxing
    Week 3, the relaxation finally really starts to benefit your tired body & soul!

    As you said, it’s not easy to claim that time off and maybe 3 weeks is not practicable for many, but 2 weeks is pretty good too and the point is to get to step 3 – for example, via fish tacos. Looking forward to your report.

  • Looks beautiful and sounds wonderful — I’ve been fortunate to go on my fair share of small/brief trips over the past year/two years, but haven’t gotten on a good, long one. Sam, my boyfriend, always says that a sign of a really good vacation is if you have enough time to feel bored. Then you know you’ve really settled in to a whole new pace. Sounds like you may have just gotten there. Nice to see you back!

  • These photographs are stunning. + Fish Tacos might just be the best invention, ever. Looking forward to it, as always always always.

    PS This post renews my inspiration for wanting to explore the southwest…thank you!

  • These photos are gorgeous. Nature is so very beautiful, combining together all these lovely colours and hues. Just fantastic.

    Disconnecting on holiday is so very important. Agreed!

  • Gorgeous! Can you believe I’ve never been there …?! So glad you were able to take a full 2 weeks off – so, so important. Hope you had a wonderful time!

  • Oh, the real world… Sigh. Lovely pictures! Lovely palette!
    -Emily K.

  • I went last summer and it was just staggering. I knew it was going to be big obviously but I was totally unprepared for the size and splendour of it. It totally blew me away and your pictures have just transported me back there.

  • Mmm.. reminds me of Georgia O’keeffe’s Red Rust Hills.. Welcome home, friend.

  • Emily

    Fantastic photos! :)

  • Beautiful pictures. One of my upcoming dream vacations is a road trip across the USA to visit all the places that have beautiful scenes, like in your pictures. Grand Canyon is high on my list. :)

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