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I’ve assembled quite the little family around me these days. Ben is here, of course, and our brown tabby—those have been my dependable household for awhile now. Louise, my sister (of whom I don’t write very much, but who is between all these lines), recently moved in for the next few months, her own little brown-striped tabby in tow. Then, these little guys hatched. I feel like an old, cantankerous grandma, having raised their momma and poppa from babies just last year.
I especially like the tawny-colored one that looks like an owl; the yellow one wearing dramatic, ’60s-style, winged-out eyeliner; and the runt.

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  • The 60s style eyeliner jumped out at me right away, such a beautiful chick!

  • Wow, these guys are insaaaaaanely cute.

  • You are the first person to have interested my four year old in a food blog. Even the two year old is yelling “Cheep cheep on mommy”s puter!!! Cheep cheep!!!”

    Seriously, those are some cute chicks. And how nice to have your sis around.

  • SO CUTE. Wish I could have baby chicks. Gorgeous photos to boot. If they need to apply to kindergarten, their professional photographs are ready for the application. Ha!

  • My father has a few chickens and i have never seen chicks like those! Beyond cute!!! :))

  • Oh my. Adorable.

  • Oh this has made me all clucky, I can’t wait until next Spring (down under) when we will raise our own chicks too. Just gorgsous.

  • Zoe

    What is it about baby animals that makes you go all soft and silly on the inside?! Will you keep them or give them away?

  • I grew up with wee chicks on the farm; thanks for bringing back good memories. Second from the top is the cuteness.

  • Patricia

    What breed are they? Do you raise them mostly for eggs?

    • Hi Patricia,
      Yes, we keep them for eggs. Out of this latest batch, we will add the hens to our flock as layers. As we can expect about half of the chicks to be roosters though, we’re considering raising them as broilers. Otherwise we’ll sell them ( or more likely give them away, as everyone always has too many roosters :) )

      We have Buff Orpingtons and Ameraucanas in our current flock. The rooster is an Ameraucana, so the chicks are either full Ameraucanas or Buff / Ameraucana crosses.


  • Anne D.

    Ravissant. J’aime beaucoup votre site.

  • Adorable. Congratulations on the new additions. And thank you for the beautiful photos.

  • Sadly the fox got my four chickens last week, just awful, but your photographs have cheered me up no end and in a month or two I will get some more. There is nothing like eggs from your own chickens!

  • I’m jealous. How I miss a life with animals in it.

  • I read to my 15-week-old every morning before daycare. One of this week’s library books is about chickens on a farm: “Chicken seeking/Chicken Squeaking.” “Chicken Walking/Chicken Talking.” Our cat is named Rooster, so more photos of chickens will certainly help us out.

  • I’m plotting my own chicken family, but I’m trying to do it in a way that will avoid getting my human family kicked out of our neighborhood (curse those homeowners regulations!).

    Beautiful chicks, beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  • such beautiful chicks. the photos make me long for the day I can have chicks of my own. good for you. – enjoy!

  • Sam

    Hi there,
    I just stumbled upon your blog via Happyolks and I’m in love! I read your first post and it reminded me so much of myself. I have started a handful of food blogs, but can never seem to keep one going for more than 2 months.

    I think you’re an incredible writer, thanks so much for contributing to the blogging community!

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