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Zucchini crumble

We talked about summer bumper crops of tomatoes last week (among other things!), but I’m dropping in with a quick post today to tip you off to a recipe for another one of those summer fruits that we always scramble to use up in time: zucchini. The wonderful Food52 folks asked me to write about an “heirloom recipe”, and this quirky, sweet recipe came to mind immediately.

You can get the recipe and the story over at Food52.


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  • This turned out beautifully – so fresh and lovely! Great job Sarah!

  • Such a unique recipe — and a lovely story too. I didn’t plant any zucchini this year, so I’m not overburdened with it. I should plant some next year, perhaps. I just find it sprawls a lot, so you need some decent floor space, so to speak. Will have to try this when zucchinis come in the farm share. Thanks for sharing!

  • Congrats on the 52 post! I love that site and your’s.

  • What a gorgeous recipe Sarah. I adore zucchini and so does my husband… the idea of adding it to a sweet crumble is so unusual, but wonderful! Brown sugar and lemon juice. Definitely have to give this a go whilst the winter cold lingers. I’ll see if my husband thinks it’s apple, haha! xx

  • I’ll have to keep this recipe in mind for when we’re drowning in zucchinis this coming summer. In Australia we tend to use a virulent vine fruit called chokos as an apple replacement during the summer. Your grandparents sound like the absolute best though Sarah..

  • Rachel

    I love the mental image of you guys sticking veggies in unsuspecting St. Eds church goers cars during mass. We never got to do anything like that on farm trips. Any more of Grandma’s recipes that you make yourself?

  • I’ve never seen a recipe for a sweet zucchini (or courgette as we Brits know them) crumble before, but I make a savoury version by cooking the courgettes with onions, garlic and a little stock and covering with some wholemeal breadcrumbs and cheese (feta is good), and maybe a few crumbled walnuts if I have any in the cupboard. It’s very scrummy :)

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