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Winter squash butter & more

i am back from Ghana and, as usual when I return from traveling, have all these ambitious ideas kicking around about essays to write about American food culture and privilege and whatnot (I know, what else is new?). But there is a lot to catch up on, so until and if I actually end up writing these things, I’ll leave you with a couple links from when I was out.

I did another “Small Batch” feature for Food52, this time about all the ways you can make “pumpkin butter” out of any winter squash. This stuff is really good, and just sweet enough that it goes really well with a tangy fresh cheese on crackers, or also just on your morning toast. You can read it here.

Amina Elahi of the blog PAPER/PLATES interviewed me for her “At the Table With…” feature. They’re fun questions if you’re into books and writing as well as food.

Last but not least, a quick shout-out to the lovely Rachel, who is an anthropologist doing her doctorate field work in Ghana. She reached out to me and we met up and walked around crazy Makola Market one day. It meant a lot, and reminded me that if I’m ever in your neck of the woods and you want to get coffee: let’s do it. Real life is way better than the Internet.

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  • Margot Van Schaick

    Your photos show such overwhelming abundance! The market in Baidoa, Somalia (in the 1960s when I was in the Peace Corps) was very spare, compared to this teeming, yes definitely teeming market. Can I ask: what do you eat when in Ghana? I have a pumpkin grown by my daughter and her husband, and now I know what to make with it! I even have some beautiful small Weck jars. Also, loved reading your interview. Thank you for all this. So generous.

  • Sally

    Aw, I love this! I don’t know why but the beginning and the end of this post made me smile. Eager to hear more. Also, I completely agree — meeting up with random acquaintances when traveling for coffee, sightseeing, long walks is the best.

  • mmm sounds so cozy and delicious. and I know what you mean about after-travel inspiration, it’s such a good feeling

  • Internet meet ups are so surreal to me. I guess it’s because I’ve long grown to see it as a safe retreat for the hidden introvert in me…. so when you take it into the real world, BAM!

  • Also, I just read the interview. Had to laugh at the “little secret” of yours. Truth be told, I think so many of us come back precisely because you don’t just write about food. Like you said, it’s the voice and the story, and how food is only one aspect that relates to so many other things in life.

    Lastly, human interaction is reciprocal…. people leave thoughtful comments because you write thoughtful posts. It’s not at all surprising. I think many readers are happy and grateful to find the dialogue that you’ve created here.

  • I totally agree – real life is better. I do hope that you’ll be in my neck of the woods one day! Get in touch if you ever find yourself in Munich.

    Happy pumpkin season.

  • Michelle — I second your point! Your interview was great, Sarah. Also, I assume you’ve seen Midnight in Paris given your Hemingway dinner… if not, check it out!

    Glad you are back. I tend to refresh your blog a lot (one of my top 8 sites according to chrome!) I’ve chosen not to RSS it, like everything else, because I get a surge of joy when there’s a new post. Your blog is the best — food, life, stories, criticism, pictures, ideas. All of the above. We leave comments because we want you to keep on writing! Great stuff.

    I have two butternut squashes in my fridge right now. I want to have the energy to make one into a “pumpkin” pie, a la Melissa Clark (did that last year – was delicious)… but I just don’t seem to have it right now! Alas. Thanks for the inspiration, nevertheless.

  • yes to real life meet ups! If you are ever in Chicago let me know :)

  • Lovely post, my friend….and thank you so much for the kind words. Now you’ve got me hungry for that pork braise……

  • What a beautiful site! Stumbled across you thanks to the lovely RachelEats blog, and am happy I did. Your photos are beautiful and all the recipes look mouth-watering. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mary

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for your recipe for “pumpkin butter”. It sounds good. I enjoyed your interview on Food52 also.

    I just read about pumpkin/squash seeds in Jane Lear’s: Writing on Food and Travel Nov. 5, 2013 post in which she says:
    “When my friend and former colleague Greg Lofts explained that he doesn’t pick over or rinse pumpkin and squash seeds before roasting, it was a revelation: All the pulpy, stringy bits caramelize and turn sweet, nutty, and delicious—and the fact that you don’t waste a thing is pretty great, too. Greg’s technique is in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living. ”

    So when you make your butter, you can use everything. I do love that.

    Glad you are back for the holiday.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


  • angela

    Does that go for when you’re in DC as well? I just moved here, but have been reading your blog for years. As others have expressed more eloquently than I am able, you write beautifully.

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