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In like a lion

If the past three years (!) of March entries are any indication, right now I should be writing something about being ready for spring. The half a foot of new white stuff outside is telling me to hold my horses, though. I don’t mind the winter weather and the snow as much as other people seem to, especially now that the days are getting longer. I like seasons. Besides, there are new baby goats down the road, which means that green sprouting things can’t be too far away.
stave candle holder | the yellow house
I sat down to write about a Melissa Clark recipe, but now that I’m typing I can tell I’m not going to be writing about beans. Work is stressful right now, and it feels nice to freestyle a little bit here. I’ve actually had lots of little bits and pieces on which I’ve meant to elaborate: a horseradish gremolata, this New Yorker piece that just totally wrecked me (in a good way), a few emails I’ve gotten asking me to write more about my day job, and a sherry-glazed something-or-other. Do you know I have over 100 posts in draft on this website? And yet I created an Instagram account last week and I can barely remember that I’m supposed to be using it. Please do not read into what this means about my personality and my relationship with immediacy and control. Eek.

We’ve been feeling project-y lately. Ben disappears to the cellar and comes back with these gorgeous candleholders he’s been making out of oak wine barrel staves (like the lead photo). I’ve been growing more windowsill pea shoots and some baby arugula. Little things, keeping hands busy, waiting for the thaw.

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  • Sending you good vibes through these stresses – I’m in the thick of it here too and while i’m feeling project-y, I wish I had any time to sit and just stare outside for a few minutes. Plus the stove, the stove, the stove… We should be getting ours tomorrow, and god willing, should be able to cook as soon as it gets connected (the delivery people are prohibited from connecting it, thanks NY laws). I’m absolutely smitten with Ben’s candleholders. They are timeless and beautiful – if he ever wants to sell them on Etsy or anything, I’m sure they’ll be a hit. You’ve got a customer here :)

  • phi

    i should get into this window sprouting you speak of…

    wishing you a spring that’s sooner rather than later,

  • Vikki

    I’ve been thinking about doing peas. It’s been too cold to even have things in the window areas (50 days of below zero weather) But it looks like the temps are on the rise, so maybe…
    Love the candle holders!

  • Linda

    When I first began your post, my eyes must have jumped and I was reading something about spring and how you had or usually had a pile of white things lying about- I thought at first you had been sewing for the seasons to come or should be sewing, etc.. Ah well, yes, I need to slow down. Tonight we have a fire and i am sitting near with a big warm throw around me and wearing a heavy wool pullover. Yesterday it was very warm,windy,yes, it’s March – but very warm. Just a dress and leggings all day, cardigan early and after sundown. Today, cold and rainy, got much colder. Beautiful candle holders. I love to see what you are cooking. I have no plants going yet, but the Christmas poinesettas still look good. I can usually keep them going until July and then some sort of bug or blight gets them every year. No flowers on the amaryllis left, but the floppy green leaves still look nice. Keep warm and relax a little.


  • Jordan

    I love that candleholder! Is Ben selling any of them?

  • I am sharing the New Yorker piece with everyone I know. Your words, totally wrecked me – in a good way, was right on spot.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Sally

    Read that New Yorker piece this past week. When I read it, I felt like it was my Grandfather speaking, and with my grandfather just having passed away, it too wrecked me. I love though when a piece of personal writing, much like your own, can have that affect. I never commented a couple entries back when you talked about more and more of your thoughts turning to writing and so I’ll say it now. Creative writing class. Try one. No one needs classes to learn how to write but there is something about getting away from the isolation that comes with writing and doing it in a community setting that can spark the creativity.

  • Windowsill pea shoots. Yes.

  • pea shoots and baby arugula in the window sill, that is so clever. enjoy your writing very much. hope things calm down at work.

  • Ariana

    I would love to buy a candleholder too! Please let me know if/when they’re available. They’re beautiful.

  • Tam

    What gorgeous candleholder! I too would be more that happy to purchase one or more!

  • Kelly

    Pea shoots? Indoors? I’ve always heard peas do not transplant well. Tell me if they work out for you.

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