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Spring, in sum

I’m not really sure how this is possible, but between late-coming warmer temperatures and the impending solstice, I seem to have missed documenting an entire season here. It’s been muggy and very warm here, per the rules for Virginia-in-June, and I’d feel remiss if I didn’t write down a few notes before it’s full-blown summer.

Spring is the time for asparagus and rhubarb and strawberries and all the prettiest, fleetingest things. We’ve been bingeing on them, but I haven’t written at all, which makes me officially the worst food writer in the world. Ben’s boss grows asparagus and we are the recipients of a lot of it—buckets full. We felt like we hit the jackpot with this recipe for roasted asparagus with lemony breadcrumbs. I taught a local foods workshop last month where I got to play with an induction burner (magic! magnets!), and we made this pan roasted radish salad—it’s worth a repeat.

This was a crazy spring for mushrooms and while I was gone on a business trip on May, Ben kept stumbling upon giant morels in the yard. The shiitakes I wrote about last year are fruiting again. We got some especially huge ones, which made for some earthy kitchen vignettes.

We inaugurated the season of porch dinners–we have the best evening light out there.

Last, but certainly not least, kittens:

See you on the other side of June 21.

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  • oh, those kitties! They’re beautiful! A great post!

  • Melissa

    Where do you teach your food-related classes? I’m staying for the next two months with my brand-new grand daughter and her mom and dad outside Remington, in southern Fauquire. I know what you mean about the heat and humidity. But the lightning bugs almost make up for it!

    • Hi Melissa! I think you wrote to me awhile back about your daughter in Fauquier. Let me try and find your email and reply there. —S

  • Um, yes, that evening light is magical. Glad to see a post again.

  • Oh. My. Goodness. Those kittens. How on earth can you bear to leave your house when they’re around!?

  • You take great photos. The kittens are cute, I must say! Since asparagus is very expensive in Japan, I have not had it for quite a while. Maybe next month when I get back.

  • Kate

    While I usually come ’round to see your photos and read your words, I now just want to sit and stare at those kittens. I’ve had either black or orange cats in my life for the past 20 years, and am particularly smitten with those types so naturally I squealed just a little to see your babies. They are adorable, full of mischief and the blue eyes on the orange one are gorgeous. I’d be a goner from the moment they came to my house.

  • Margit Van Schaick

    Your photos, and words,convey the tender essence of Spring.

  • Oh to “stumble upon” morels in one’s own yard! We in the California’s Central Valley might have strawberries year ’round, but there is definitely not a morel to be found in at least a fifty mile radius. Glad to live vicariously.

  • Resi

    Wow, that porch light looks gorgeous on you! I’d love to have a boss who supplies me with asparagus…. SO good! Cheers to you and summer! Happy solstice!

  • I can’t get over how gorgeous those asparagus spears look!

  • Samantha

    I am so thankful for the late warm weather. I just moved from Southern California to Northern Virginia and this humidity is driving me crazy!

  • Kittens! Yes. This is also the story of my spring. What joy! Lovely pictures, as always.

  • Such lovely light, and such a nice porch to enjoy it from. And kittens! Squeeee…SO adorable!

  • Kittens! And all the lovely fleetingest things (I love ‘fleetingest’ btw) that I so miss here … asparagus is hard and expensive to come by and rhubarb … ah. My old beloved. Your porch looks gorgeous!

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