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Postcard from Tabora

Hello. I’m posting this from the first place I’ve had web access in a week. A lot of people write to me asking me to post more photos of my work. I hold off because I don’t really want to be a poverty monger; nor do I wish to be latest in your social media stream of white girls holding African kids. Moreover: work is work, and at least half of my time is spent sitting at a desk, and I worry it will be boring.

But then I reminded myself that I take pictures of vegetables. A lot. So, it turns out rural Tanzania is probably pretty interesting in terms of this site’s content.

I am lucky. It’s strange to be here right now, with Indian Ocean breezes blowing the curtains open—a few continents away, Ben’s in the thick of harvest and the beginnings of fall (last three here, here, and here). Back to work for me, though.

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  • Margit Van Schaick

    Sarah, thank you for posting these photos–they take me back to Somalia 1964-67, when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer, teaching English in elementary and high school, as well adults in the evening. Also basketball (a new sport for them) many afternoons(after the siesta). My husband and I traveled in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia. I was 24 years old at the start. Your photos bring back the feel of the air, its smell, the vast big sky, the whole big semi-scrub well as the enchantment of the sea breezes along the Indian Ocean. Judging from my own experience, this part of your work life will leave a permanent mark. One result for me is that I feel comfortable living only where there’s generally enough rain, enough ground water to avoid drought conditions.

  • I went to Tanzania 5 years ago and it was incredible. Even got to sit with a Masai elder in his hut. A beautiful country with beautiful people. Jambo!

  • Those trees!

  • Meg

    Amazing! Enjoy!

  • These photos are amazing, though not as amazing as your simply being there. Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

  • Beautiful pictures <3

  • I always enjoy hearing (and seeing) of your adventures. The photos are transporting. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wendy

    Thanks for posting that Reductress piece. As a white girl who has held Ugandan children and not posted those pictures on social media, I found it to be perfect. I’d also never heard of the site before and it’s hilarious!

  • As someone who grew up in Nigeria and Ghana, I completely understand the sentiment of not wanting to write more about poverty, but there is so much more to Africa that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, and you’ve shared some of it here. Oh those larger-than-life mango trees!

  • Maureen

    As one who spent part of my childhood in West Africa – some of these pictures take me right back. Africa becomes part of one’s soul. It is also hard to discuss with anyone who has not experienced this. Thank you for the memories

    • Maureen, I spend more time in West Africa (Ghana and Guinea, right now) than I do in east Africa at this point. I’ll try to get you some photos soon :) Thanks—S

  • Helle

    I lived in Tanzania for 4 years as a child. As Maureen writes, it becomes part of one’s soul and even if I didn’t go back for many many moons, when I did go to Africa 4 years ago I started crying the moment I set foot on the red soil. Tabora was a place where friends of my parents lived, so I know I have been there, but cannot remember much :-)

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