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Java + Bali

After a few weeks of work in Indonesia last month, I was lucky enough to have Ben join me. (Ever tried getting someone who grows perennials for a living to come on vacation? It takes some prodding.)

It feels good to sift through some bright visuals now that I’m back in cold Virginia. I’ve been tinkering with some edible and and brew-able gifts that I should probably round up, but they’re not particularly exciting, and, eh, it’s nice to buck the pressure to write about ho-ho-holidays. I hope to come back here soon with something a little more cogent. Til then.

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  • Beautiful photos, love the lines especially in the rice(?) field photo

  • Such gorgeous pictures and beautiful place!
    I wish one day to go to Bali, it seems like a piece of paradise :)

  • These are a gift. Thank you.

  • So lovely!! The Van Leeuwen team has traveled extensively to Bali and are just smitten with it, so much so that their 1-yr old restaurant is Balinese! Looks like you had a wonderful time – the pictures alone are stunning. Also, happy holidays to you guys! xo

  • Sera

    How beautiful! A friend of mine also recently came back from a holiday in that part of the world, but her photos show a different Bali! Amazing how one place seen through different eyes can look sooooo different.


  • I’m actually heading to Indonesia next month and your pictures are making me even more excited about the trip. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations or just spots you absolutely loved? I’d love to hear more about your trip if you have a few minutes, though I’m sure you’re quite busy. Your pictures are simply stunning!
    ~ Anna

  • Margit Van Schaick

    So glad for you and Ben, to have some time together in a place so far away, and with such abundant vegetation and so much wonderful blue, as we are frequently enveloped in various shades of grey, nearing the Solstice. This is a magical time of year for me because once the daylight begins to increase, minute by minute, I feel confident that I will be able to endure Winter and once again see the chartreuse baby leaves on my maples. Thank you for sharing these exquisite photos of such an enchanting place.

  • I love your photos! One of my friends recently went to Bali + I was drooling over her photos as well. Trying to plan my first real vacation with my partner, somewhere. This looks like the perfect place.

  • Amazing photos! I’m dying to go here

  • So much blue in these photos! And all I see these days is grey. What a nice treat.

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