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Last year I was away for Thanksgiving, but this year, Ben and I are hosting family at our home and I could not be more excited. Remember that time I said I liked potlucks? It was a stretch. I like to be in charge of big dinners, there, I said it. If a potluck is a democracy, I can deal with it, but when it comes to my table it’s possible that I prefer a benevolent monarchy. We can all infer what we will about my control tendencies from this, but I am stoked. Let’s talk about the big day. The wonderful Food52 folks invited me over to launch a new feature, “Halfway to Dinner”. A guest blogger will introduce a base ingredient or recipe (such as a pot of beans, a big batch of rice, a roast chicken) and demonstrate creative ways to use it for meals all week long. Writing about good, everyday cooking has become a bit of an obsession lately, so I jumped at the chance. The debut column is about—you guessed it—turkey, so you’ll have some ideas for other ways to use up your leftovers besides the ordinary (albeit good!) turkey-cranberry sandwich. Head over to Food52 to read it.

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